Smart Purchasing with Buyer’s Edge

Through our partnership with Buyer’s Edge Platform We provide a comprehensive suite of services that enables multi-unit restaurants to take advantage of cost savings opportunities. Our services are designed to identify areas where emerging, growing, and established restaurants may have the opportunity to achieve savings including through our portfolio of over 165,000 contracted items.

Why choose the Buyer’s Edge Platform cost reduction program?

  • No Cost, No Contracts, No Risk
  • Quick and easy sign-up process takes less than 15 minutes
  • Once you sign up, your work is done
  • No penalty for termination
  • Remain in complete control of your purchasing decisions
  • Purchase from the distributor of your choice
  • Choose from over 165,000 contracted items
  • Receive rebate checks every month
  • Save on other partner programs such as Directv, ChefWorks, Sprint and more

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